Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Manger Was a Throne

Tis He that Life and Spirit doth infuse:
Let evry thing
The Praises sing
Of Christ the King of Jews;
Who makes things green, and with a Spring infuse
A Season which to see it doth not use:
Old Winter’s Frost and hoary hair,
With Garland’s crowned, Bays doth wear;
The nipping Frost of Wrath b’ing gon,
To Him the Manger made a Throne,
Du Praises let us sing,
Winter and Spring.
From On Christmas Day, by Thomas Traherne

Looks like a white Christmas around here, as we're coming out from one of the biggest snowstorms in a very long time. Spring seems so far off when you have a huge storm this early, but we can be assured it's coming. I happened upon this poem today and thought this particular stanza fitting. I love what it says about the the "Nipping Frost of Wrath" being gone and the call for both Winter and Spring to sing the praises of the Christ Child.

But the phrase I love the most is the one about the Manger being made a throne. Isn't that just a fantastic thought? Wow. Yes, that is pretty deep, but how true. You see, wherever the King of Kings rests Himself, it is indeed a throne.

From here at Scraps of Glory, may I wish whoever it is that comes by, a most blessed Christmas, bowing before His throne, even when a manger.