Monday, March 10, 2014

Bloody Batons

"...strengthen those who pick up the bloody batons these 33 will be forced to release."

Ohhh, this post gripped and disturbed and inspired many of us who read it. We needed it. Oh how we needed it. Thirty-three North Korean Christians sentenced to death for the "crime" of planting underground churches in that country. The post is here. Read it. I implore you, READ it. I cannot explain it to you, if you are a professing follower of Christ, you must read it yourself.

The above quote is from that blog post. Yes, the batons may be bloody but they WILL be passed on. The bloody batons will keep being passed on because this race will continue and will be finished not until and when the Lord Jesus says it's time for it's completion.And then He will stand victorious and the race will be won. No dictator or radical religious group will be able to bring about an early end to this race; it's up to Jesus as to when the end comes. Until then, these bloody batons will continue to be passed on from runner to runner....

So our tears will flow for whoever the most current runners are as they have to perhaps end their portion of the race earlier than they'd hoped, but they themselves will enter into their joy. As for now, you can have this whole world, but give me Jesus.