Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sunday Snippet - The Christian Family

"God honors not those who cling to their 'rights', but those who choose freely to obey Him."

This bit of truth is a quote out of a book that has been beloved in our house since early in our marriage. We have a different cover than the one shown here, but of all the books I've read on the family, this one by Larry Christenson has impacted me the most. Others of you may have a different favorite, but this one has always been mine. Believe me, it's worth having on your shelf as a reference. I love the five chapters from Part One, "God's Order for the Family" :

CHAPTER ONE: God's Order for Mates
CHAPTER TWO: God's Order for Wives
CHAPTER THREE: God's Order for Children
CHAPTER FOUR: God's Order for Parents
CHAPTER FIVE: God's Order for Husbands

I have received more help from Chapter Four than any other book I've ever read on the subject, except for a short book by J.C. Ryle, which I may talk about another time. The above quote, however, is from Chapter Two. Think about how it might be applied there, ladies.

I had a nice Lord's Day. Hope you did too.


Mimi said...

Dear Maxine,
I had a very nice Lord's Day also... and I love the quote form the book by
Larry Christenson
Thanks for the post!!

Mishel said...

The title of this book sounds so familiar to me--I wonder if we have it packed away with all of our other books. Anyway, is surely sounds like a good one!

I thought of you and prayed for you the other day--that as you get back into the routine of school--that your days would be blessed.

Hugs to you!!

Susan Kelly Skitt said...

Oh Maxine, by nature, I'm a "right clinger". But by God's grace, I'm learning its sweeter to obey. This sounds like a good book and I will have to check it out further. Thanks my friend :)

Beka said...

Can you believe-- I've never heard of this book! But I am definitely going to have to get a hold of it soon-- it looks like a gem. And the quote you shared is so true and such good food for thought.

Hope your week is going well! I enjoyed chatting with you on Sunday and appreciated all your advice and wisdom!

david mcmahon said...

G'day from Australia,

God's grace is often delivered in secret and in subtle ways to all parents. Not everyone recognises its presence, though.

AS a father of three, I know this all too well.

Anonymous said...

I see Ryle had a huge impact on you too. I just made an ebook of one of his sermons. I think you and your readers would like it.

Mike Anderson

Nur Wadik said...

Yes, this book very nice.