Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Teenage Rebellion

Our copy of this book arrived today and my daughter and I are excited. In case you don't know about it, I thought a quick post was in order. The title is Do Hard Things and it's by Alex and Brett Harris, sons of Gregg Harris, whose writings helped a lot of homeschoolers in the early nineties. The subtitle is "A Teenage Rebellion Against Low Expectations." I got off on the right foot after reading the presentation page:

To our parents, Gregg and Sono Harris.
This book is the message of your lives.
Our triumph is your triumph. We love you.

Wow. How blessed Gregg and Sono are to have such a tribute written to them by their two sons. Alex and Brett are twins, and I think they are nineteen or so. I'm thankful to see a couple of young men who are stepping out in faith and DOING something to help the teens of this day and culture. I particularly like the cover of this book--it has a great color and style for this age group and guys as well as girls will like that.

My daughter (fifteen) and I are reading it separately and she's loving it. From what I've gotten so far, these boys have a lot to say and they can say these things and receive many more listening ears than we older folks ever could. Thank You, Lord, for giving them this vision.

Graduation time is coming, so keep this book in mind. Moms and grandmoms with teens, please think about getting it. I think even the struggling ones will read this, but not only that, I think they just might listen, given the source.

Note: There is more information on this over at the authors' blog. We got our copy from Amazon.


Cami said...

Oh, good idea; graduation time. I have one more year before my daughter graduates, but she hates reading. It's the computer/cell phone/ipod generation, I think. So sad. She was homeschooled from Kindergarten to the middle of eighth grade, and then she was just too hyper to stay home! She's a "good girl"; you know, she lives by our Christian values without rebellion to them--but still, she hates reading! Sniff, sniff--yet if I make this book a GIFT...maybe?!

Jodi said...

Thank you for this review, Maxine. It looks like a wonderful book!

Mimi said...

thank you so much for visiting with me and for your kind comments...I am glad that you enjoyed the music...I get great pleasure myself in searching out the songs...
blessings to you and yours,

Mimi said...

I clicked off too soon, I wanted to also tell you thank you for the book review..it looks like a perfect book for teenagers...

Mishel said...

This is too funny that I would come to your blog and here you are talking about THIS book! Not even 5minutes ago, Zach was on the Harris boys website and said he wanted to order this book! So I just read him your post. : )

Susan Kelly Skitt said...

What a neat looing book. I checked out their site. How awesome is that? Two together brothers who love Jesus and are willing to step out and say that Jesus wants us to do HARD things. It's so true, the Christian life is not easy. We need the Lord's help and strength all the way! Thanks for the link Maxine :)

Beverly said...

Mom, can I link to this review on my GI blog? Let me know.

Maxine said...

Good idea, Bev. This is good for girls and boys both.

Cami, I really think your daughter will like the way this one is written.

Thanks, Jodi and Mimi; tell others.

Mishel: That's so funny! I KNOW he'll be happy he got this.

Susan, you are right, these two guys are really neat.