Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Life

My life shall touch a dozen lives
before this day is done,
Leave countless marks for good or ill
ere sets the evening sun,
This is the wish I always wish,
the prayer I always pray;
Lord, may my life help other lives
it touches by the way.



HOPE said...

Oh Maxine...MY PRAYER..

How I desire to leave a mark in the heart of those who come into my life for the GLORY of Jesus Christ...that these preciouse souls will know Him...or be encouraged to be faithful servants.

So many have touched my heart this way...

Thank you for touching mine by your thought provoking post(s) and words of wisdom.

God bless ...



Dear Maxine, I really liked this post. It is my heart's desire to leave a good mark on all those that I come in contact with for the honor and glory of our Lord. It is my ernest prayer. Thank you, connie

Susan said...

Oh Maxine,

This was beautiful...

Truly I pray my life will help others along the way.

Sending hugs your way♥

Cami said...

"Leave countless marks for good or ill" - so true...and I, too, pray, as any "walk the walk" Christian should, that the "ill" will be far and less as God's grace works in and through me. God bless you, Maxine!