Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Invasion of Maggie

Who points the clouds their course,
When winds and seas obey,
He shall direct thy wand'ring feet,
He shall prepare the way.
~~P. Gerhardt

A young man whom I know pretty well is going through hard times of loneliness and uncertainty. A few months ago, his engagement was broken off by his fiance. This was a situation where wedding plans were well under way--invitations hadn't been sent yet, but a wedding that was to take place in June was called off in March, so you can imagine how far along in the preparations they had gone. I don't know many details, and I don't need to know them, but it's quite obvious to most of his family and friends that it has been, and still is, a painful experience.

He's been reaching out to a few of us, almost like a wounded animal, but it's hard to know how to apply the healing ointment needed in his case. Actually, Christ must do that. He's a Christian young man, so we try to minister first from the Word of God.

Once again, it's been a long interval since my last post on Aunt Jane's Hero. It seemed appropriate to bring in a bit of a correlation between the loneliness that Horace felt after many unfortunate events in his life and the struggles of my friend. But in Chapter 7, as in Chapter 6, I once again see Providence accomplishing the will of God in the life of the story's hero. It was the Almighty who intruded Horace's life, even invading his mind on the way to the heart. God was at work providing for his need. Mrs. Prentiss skillfully relayed the employments of the heart of her fictional character, but our real God can do the same in the life of a real young man. I hope the day comes when He does this for our needy friend.

I love this chapter. God weaving His purposes into the affections of Horace is a precious thing. I still say this book is a masterpiece and a must read for not only young single women in the later teen years and up, but a sure benefit for many a single guy. I don't have the nerve to recommend it to my friend yet, but maybe someday I will.

Hopefully, I'll do my usual digging into the narrative next time. This time I just wanted to reflect on these things.



My heart so feel for the young man. My son lost his first love, it had not gone as far as getting ready for a wedding but in his mind she was he one for him. God in his grace showed him otherwise. In a couple of years, God sent him a real christian lady to be his bride and he realized once again that God does work out all things to our good. Hopefully it will be the same way for your young friend. I hope he does not lose heart. God will give him something even better than he could have dreamed of. connie from texas

Maxine said...

Connie, thanks so much for your usual sweet and caring comment. We can be sure that God is working all things out for his good, even though it may be hard for him to see right now. I feel the same--the Lord has something better for him down the road if he does not lose heart and trusts in God to provide.

Cami said...

It doesn't matter how many hearts have been broken before, or how many will be yet, one's own broken heart is just as broken. Prayer accomplishes so much, and thank God He has His purposes!

Maxine said...

You are right, Cami. And a broken heart hurts. Thankfully, among other things, Jesus was sent to heal the brokenhearted.

Susan said...

Hey Maxine,

Thanks so much for dropping by the other day. I really appreciate your kind comments and wisdom.

I'll say a prayer for your friend, my heart truly goes out to him. I know God is there, and one day all these broken pieces will be something beautiful God can use.


Maxine said...

I love the thought of broken pieces being made into something beautiful for God, Susan. Some day I hope I can pass some of these comments on.

sparrow's song said...

A good post that flows with substance and deep feeling. Very well done.

I can relate somewhat since I've had my heart broke in that area. But for me, I thank God for unanswered prayer. It was a relationship just before I came to Jesus. I would hate to think of the additional agonies I would have had to carry had I even attempted to walk with God and be unequally yoked.

My advice, for what its worth, is just to be there as a friend, as a Sister, to help fill the hole that she left behind until he heals and his emotional strength returns.

Maxine said...

Thanks for your testimony, Sparrow. How often God has mercifully delivered us from more suffering by not giving us what we want. How often has He brought judgment to those who persist in having what they want.I think we would prefer the former. Not that my friend's fiancee was a bad person; it's just that apparently the Lord wanted something else for both of them.