Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Charity Vaunteth Not Itself . .

"Humility is a most essential and distinguishing trait in all true piety. It is the attendant of every grace, and in a peculiar manner tends to the purity of Christian feeling. It is the ornament of the spirit; the source of some of the sweetest exercises of Christian experience; the most acceptable sacrifice we can offer to God; the subject of the richest of his promises; the spirit with which he will dwell on earth, and which he will crown with glory in heaven hereafter."

~ Jonathan Edwards, from Charity and Its Fruits

Note: I have recently become a member of a new venture on the Internet, a fellowship group called The Reformed Quotes Fellowship, which is exciting for me because of my love for the quotes of some of the great Reformers of the past. Now I'll be connecting with others of like mind and who have that same love. They have asked that we post at least four quotes per month and that I would love to do! I've set aside Wednesday as quote day, at least to start out. I'll see how that works out. If you know me and are familiar at all with this blog, you know that's one of the primary reasons we've been here anyway, so I doubt if you'll only see quotes on Wednesdays.

Many blessings to any of my fellow "quoters" who stop by! I'll try to visit you as often as possible.


Becky said...


I am happy to "meet" you! I am also part of the new network, and I am looking forward to read you.


Maxine said...

Nice meeting you also, Becky! I'll be coming over for a visit.

Susan said...

Incredible Maxine!!

I enjoy all your posts and quotes.

Love you sister♥

Maxine said...

Aww, Susan, I am so happy to be once again posting on a more regular basis here. Thanks for your faithfulness to this little blog! I'll be over soon so I can see your beautiful grandchildren's faces!

Sarah said...

Delighted to meet you today. Hope you don't mind if I splash around a bit to get to know you. This looks like a delightful place to dip my toes in blogland lake.

Splashin for His glory,

Maxine said...

Thanks for your visit, Sarah! Plunge right in and stay awhile. Hope to see what you're all about where you are.