Monday, December 13, 2010

Our Priority

A dear man, the pastor from our "mother" church who mentored our little beginning work at its inception as well as over the years, was with us last evening to preach once again. It was so special because he and another pastor who both brought the messages the Sunday we began as a church were the same two speakers at yesterday's anniversary services. These were the two men who ordained our pastor that same day.

Pastor B. spoke to us as a congregation. He spoke in that same familiar fatherly tone which he always used in the past. He wanted to remind us of something so very important: we as a body of believers need to continue to have the same priority as we go forward that the Apostle Paul had.

A. He reminded us first of Paul's Apostolic Authority and how Jesus had appeared to him personally.

B. He reminded us most importantly that Paul's priority was the preaching of the gospel, and ours must be also.

C. He reminded us lastly exactly what the gospel message is, as outlined in I Corin. 15:3-4.

He exhorted us over and again to keep that gospel message about Jesus' death, burial and resurrection as our primary focus. I for one believe that we cannot be reminded of these things too often.

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