Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Jesus is Mine

Fade, fade, each earthly joy--Jesus is mine;
Break, ev'ry tender tie--Jesus is mine.
Dark is the wilderness;
Earth has no resting place;
Jesus alone can bless--Jesus is mine.

Tempt not my soul away--Jesus is mine;
Here would I ever stay--Jesus is mine.
Perishing things of clay,
Born but for one brief day,
Pass from my heart away--Jesus is mine.
~Jane C. Bonar

I wanted to post tonight, but time has run out. I must needs go to bed. These words of Jane, wife of Horatius, will need to suffice. Suffice? These words far exceed anything that I could possibly have said. That they will be the expression of my heart!


Beka said...

Oh, how I love this hymn. There have been so many days lately that I have held on to this hymn to get me through difficult times.

Kathy said...

Maxine, I enjoy your historical references. This is a wonderful hymn, tender and loyal.

Cami said...

Thank you for sharing this, it's perfect. I had never heard it before...

DALE said...
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DALE said...

I am my Beloved's and He is mine...amen and amen...

Carol said...

Hi, Maxine,
I have not heard this hymn either..

"Jesus is Mine"