Friday, May 25, 2007

My New Notebook

I would like to announce that this Nanna is now the proud owner of a Toshiba Satellite 15.4" Widescreen Notebook PC #A135-S4527. In other words, I have a laptop. I've never owned one before, but the Lord has graciously allowed Speakable Gifts, with household help, to purchase this "notebook" for me to use in my writing projects. The sales guy was trying to help me make the best choice (which I had thought about for weeks), so he asked what I would be using it for. I hesitantly said to him "Well, I'm trying to be a writer." I don't know why I answered that way. Why didn't I say "I'm a writer" rather than that I'm "trying" to be one? Who knows.

So, I have an electronic "notebook." For almost everything I write, I scribble out a rough draft in my spiral notebook, while sitting on my couch or some other quiet place. I don't think most writers do that. Usually, from what I hear, they sit at their desks or on their couches or wherever and type out their rough copies on their laptops. Maybe I'll try doing it that way now that I don't need to sit at our desktop computer which in the kitchen, where there's so much activity during the day. Well, we'll see.

Just pray that this new piece of equipment in our home will be used to work on projects and even make blog posts and comments that will be from meditations of my heart that are acceptable in His sight, who is my strength and my Redeemer.


DALE said...

[Jesus] touched their eyes and said, "Become what you believe." (Matthew 9:29 MSG)

You believe that you are a writer. Now, become what you believe.

(And have fun with your new toy! :) )

Beverly said...

Enjoy, Enjoy, ENJOY! I know you will use it for His glory.

Cami said...

I was in your shoes just this past fall, my dad bought me my first laptop. It's been such a blessing, my second right arm. Congratulations! As far as being a writer is concerned, I have a problem with that designation, too, and I will try to quantify it intelligibly on a new site I will work on here soon.

Maxine said...

Thanks for the wishes. It's been a bit of a adventure, partly because I was "forced" to get the new Windows Vista, which, as you can imagine, presents its own set of challenges. Now I need the new Word, the printer driver is waiting for a new download to come out before I can print from it, and I've lost the password I need so that my son-in-law can make the necessary settings on the modem to get me a wireless connection. But I'm still thankful and still having fun learning to use it.
I'll post something a little more profound as soon as I can sneak in some time in the midst of household and homeschool duties!

Carol said...

Maxine, Congratulations on your new toy...Me personally, I am more than happy with the standard computer..I am not ready to go into Vista, my daughters boyfriend, who has his own computer business doesn't recommend it as yet, although he has it and sells it, he thinks there are too many hiccups yet..So I will wait. We use wireless connection It is the best thing we have well. I had a few hiccups at first, now it is great and recommend it to anyone..
As far as myself I cannot claim to being a writer, I am truly guided by the Spirit..

Tanya said...

Congratulations!! I got my laptop last November - around the same time Cami got hers. And, of course, I had to blog about it. :) You can find it in the November archives, entitled "Thanksgiving Challenge." ENJOY, ENJOY!!! To reiterate Beverly's words, I'm sure you'll use it for HIS glory.