Friday, September 28, 2007

Wait, My Soul

I have a dear young friend who has recently been through some deep trials. God, as God does, has been sustaining her, and she is still waiting on Him, resting in Him, trusting in Him, praying to Him, and rejoicing in Him. Recently, she sent me a note in which she included a precious poem that she had written in the midst of her difficult times. I like it so much that I asked her if I could share it with my friends here. I told her that I hope that someday someone will write music for it and then she'll be a hymnwriter! You can visit Beka over at her blog called "More Love to Thee" and read some of her other sweet blog posts, especially if you like hymns and poems as much as I do. I hope these words minister to you as they do to me.

Wait, my soul, wait patiently--
Thy Father's hand, it works in thee.
Though blessing full He may delay,
A song He'll give at break of day.

Rest, my soul, rest quietly--
Thy Father's arms, they shelter thee.
Though storm clouds round about thee roll.
Sweet comfort He shall give thy soul.

Trust, my soul, trust childishly--
Thy Father knows what's best for thee.
Though all looks black as night e'er could,
His hand is working all for good.

Pray, my soul, pray fervently--
Thy Father's ear, it heareth thee.
Though feebly weak thy words may seem,
The Spirit gives them heav'nly gleam.

Rejoice, my soul, rejoice gladly--
Thy Father's always good to thee.
Now wait and trust, and rest and pray;
He will not fail--He'll lead thy way.

© Rebekah W., 2007


Susan Kelly Skitt said...

"Wait patiently, rest quietly, trust childishly, pray fervently, rejoice gladly"... beautiful words of relying on God. Thank you for sharing :)

Mimi said...

that was a beautiful poem by Beka and I know she is resting in God..
her blog is a real blessing to me as well..
thank you for sharing this beautiful poem... and you are right it would be beautiful set to music!!

Beverly said...

Wow, you are so right that this should be set to music! Beka shared this poem with me recently, and it was definitely a blessing. I think this should be the prayer of ALL of our hearts.

Vicki said...

Please tell Beka that this is absolutely beautiful. My heart is so comforted, just to read the words. Imagine if they were set to music! I'm going to read it again...

Blessings on your weekend, my sweet friend.

Cami said...

It's soooo good to experience the fellowship of the Spirit in another believer's life, this is what I feel about Beka's expression. Praise God for her heart! The Holy Spirit had given me a song while in a rare place years ago, and it is called "I Will Wait." My husband is ministering in music in California right now, and the pastor's sermon for last night, he told me, was on waiting. Waiting is integral to our spiritual life; the things that come easy and fast don't build for eternity; they generally have no value at all--and worse, are destructive.

Jodi said...

Maxine, I'm so glad you shared this lovely poem by Beka. Beautifully state truth ~ He will never fail.