Saturday, July 21, 2007

Blogger Reflection Award

In April of this year I made what was then a tentative decision to start a third blog. Not being sure about it for several reasons, including time constraints, I kept it private for a while. I wanted this blog to be mostly devotional in nature, as well as being a forum for discussing my writing projects, hopes and dreams. After a bit, I decided I'd go ahead with it and make it public, even if just a few people would read it.

It was through and because of this venture that I have "met" some of the sweetest folks that one could hope to encounter on a journey of any kind. I have received more encouragement from these ladies than I've ever had in anything I've written. One of these ladies, Mishel at Seasons of Life has honored me here at Scraps with a Blogger Reflection Award. I want to thank her for this award, but then turn around and give one to her for being one of those special people I just spoke about. As she said, we haven't known each other long, but she's one of those bloggy folks whom I wish I could someday meet personally.

The same would hold true for each of the following ladies. There is something in their spirits when they comment that lets me know theirs are kindred with mine. I see in each of them a love for God and a selfless desire to help another sister along the way. Thank you ladies. This award is for your encouragements to me and I'm sure to others.

1. Cami at Lindenville Devotions - Like me, Cami is a lover of devotional writings and she does it well over at her place. She is a wife and mother who loves her family and God. She owns the Lindenville Cafe blogring, which she takes seriously while showing heartfelt care and concern for each of its members. She's very supportive of us all. I'm sure everyone in the ring feels the same.

2. Carol at Musings from Down Under - Talk about talent--this lady has it. If you want to be refreshed and renewed by poetry that touches you in the inner man, then visit Carol often. She's quite popular with her writings, and understandably so. Most of the poems are short and sweet, but packed with so much meaning! Most of us know that poetry can express something in a unique way that prose never can. Carol has a gift for doing just that. Go there and be blessed.

3. Jodi at The Deputy Domain - Who of us does not like beauty? This is one lady who gives us beautiful portraits, music and writings. She puts them all together in a way that makes her blog an absolute pleasure to visit. As a wife and mother of five, I am always amazed that she has the time to put together such a charming, cozy and God-glorifying site. I would imagine that her home is the same way!

4. Kathy at Sumballo - This is a lady whose blog is worth visiting if you hunger and thirst for a deeper walk with God. Her knowledge of the Word is consistent and biblical and she humbly shares it with all of us. She recently has started a weekly feature which others can do with her to dive deeper into Scriptures, with "tools" to help accomplish this. She knows what she's doing, and does it well, at a level which most of us can understand. She's just getting started with this, so go over and check it out when you can.

5. Patty at Beside Still Waters - Yes, I know Mishel awarded her already, but my list would not be complete without her. Her blog is absolutely lovely. It caught my eye when I randomly went there one day and we've been bloggy friends since. She has such sweet quotes and little devotions that touch the heart. Like me, she is a wife, mom and grandmom and loves home. She also has another blog where you can go and find tasty recipes! Hope you can visit her because you won't find a nicer lady anywhere.

(Honorable mention: I know this is cheating, but I do want to thank my daughter Beverly and our friend Beka for often coming here to encourage their mama/friend.)

Also, I believe I'm supposed to mention in this post that this Blogger Reflection Award is to be awarded to five other bloggers and that it originated here, where you may find more information about it.


Cami said...

Oh, Maxine--I received an excitement in my heart when I read your comment at my devotional blog:

"Hi Cami,
Please come over to my place for a visit. I have something for you there."

I'm trying to type through tears of joy...Satan was abusing me something awful this weekend, and my husband said, "Something really good must be coming." He was right. On a plane trip, he got to share Jesus with a heart-hungry Muslim for hours last night; "out of the blue" we've found a house--yesterday (hadn't been looking) that we feel might be a coming gift in our lives; and this blessed affirmation of fellowship and purpose from you, Maxine...well, no wonder Satan's been so MAD!!

I really can't tell you what the embrace I feel through this means to me...but as the Muslim man showed my husband his favorite bible passage in my husband's bible, 1 Corintians 13, it is the power of Christ's love for us, in us and through us, that is the affirmation and purpose of our living, of everything we do!!!


Kathy at Sumballo said...

Maxine, thank you! Your sweet encouragement almost from the start of my blog has been wonderful. You are a blessing to me and I hope some day we can sit down for tea and a wonderful chat about our Lord! I appreciate you so much. Thank you!


Maxine your post was a blessing today. I will certainly go over and meet these ladies that you think of so highly. Thank you, connie from Texas

Anonymous said...

Oh Maxine..we are kindred spirits..I could not make a list with out adding you either! Because I so highly respect you, your encouragement has kept me going many a time. At times when I thought, "What could I possibly have to say?" You would encourage me. Thank you.


Beverly said...

Thanks for introducing us to these lovely blogs and the sweet women who own them!

Francine said...

Maxine: Cami told me about your award and I think you are most deserving. Frankly, I don't know how you find the time. I'm hoping that I can get back to regular entries in September. God had other plans for my summer and I'm so glad He did. Continued blessings, Francine

Carol said...

Congratulations on your award.. I think you are deserving of it too..I just enjoy reading what you have to say with each of your posts.. I have been away for a few days, so I was over whelmed that you have included my little sonnet blog on this post. I am lost for words...Thank you for your encouragement....
Many Blessings to you

Jodi said...

Dearest Maxine ~ Congratulations on your award. You are *most* deserving, my friend. Thank you so much for your nomination and sweet words. I am honored and humbled.

Vicki said...

Hey, congrats and blessings to you on this very deserving blog recognition! (I got one too) :-)

Sending warm hugs...

gardenkeeper said...

dear Maxine, I have been reading your blog for some time now and very much enjoy what you have to share! Thanks for putting yourself into this site and letting christ work through you.