Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My Times are in Thy Hand

My times are in thy hand... Psalm 31:15a
I hate to say this, but I think my brain is in standby mode. My computer is easy to wake up when its on standby, but not so when it's in hibernation, so maybe it's the latter with me right now. I haven't been in the mood for reading any books and the various writing projects which are waiting, all in different stages of development--well, none have been touched all summer. Soon it will be August and you know what that means: time to start getting ready for the next school year. I wasn't the happiest when the UPS guy brought the ABeka books for the coming year. All four boxes are sitting in the sunroom staring at me! Back in June when we finished up with last year, I had a list a mile long of all that I was going to accomplish before the next one.

For some reason, the Lord has not given me the heart for reading and writing right now. I don't know why. But I have been thinking about the above hymn all day, which would, of course, lead me to the verse in Psalm 31. I went to see what Spurgeon had to say about it in The Treasury of David and found the following quote from our friend, Matthew Henry:

When David had Saul at his mercy in the cave, those about him said, This is the time in which God will deliver thee. 1Sa 24:4. No, saith David, the time is not come for my deliverance till it can be wrought without sin, and I will wait for that time; for it is God's time, and that is the best time. Matthew Henry.

I like that one, don't you? If God brought this hymn and verse to my mind, then it was because He wants me to remember that His time is the best time. The day will come when I'll plunge full force into whatever He has for me to do, because He'll give me the heart to do it.

Maybe there is some aspect of your life where this lesson is being impressed upon you, too, as this verse can be applied in many ways. If we sing the first stanza together, then perhaps we'll both feel better. ( The remaining lyrics and the tune are here.)

My times are in thy hand;

My God, I wish them there;

My life, my friends, my soul, I leave

Entirely to thy care.

~William F. Lloyd, 1824


DALE said...

In this season of hibernation, simply abide in Him, and remember that the day will come when you will be full enough to overflow, and you will again have more things to write than you have time to write them.

(The Matthew Henry quote is exactly what I need for someone I'm ministering to. Thanks for posting it.)

Beka said...

Oh, this is one of my most favorite hymns. And the quote from Matthew Henry... thanks for posting it.

Beverly said...

For some reason I found myself humming this hymn earlier this week. I didn't know that you were thinking about it too! Excellent words.

Cami said...

Goodness, Maxine, I believe you've caught a Lindenville bug...suffice it to say, my heart is tied steadfastly to what you have shared here (The motto of Lindeville "Am I doing what I should be doing today? Am I NOT doing what I should NOT be doing today?"). As the Lord's, I bank on His inspiration daily, even if that means NOT doing things I think would make me so much more useful. Just to be His, as the hymn you've shared says, "My times are in thy hand"--I'm with you, and He is in it.