Friday, July 27, 2007

Morning's Guest

Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning. Psalm 30:5

Just a quick post for those who are in a period of weeping. This verse is so in my heart today that I am writing about it here and at my other place too. But because this is Scraps, and my original intent was to only do small bits and pieces anyway, let me just give you this MARVELOUS quote about this verse:

In the second half of the verse weeping is personified, and represented by the figure of a wanderer, who leaves in the morning the lodging, into which he had entered the preceding evening. After him another guest arrives, namely, joy. E. W. Hengstenberg.

May the promise of the coming morning's visitor bring you much consolation thoughout the evening hours and especially at midnight.


Keri Mae said...


I'm having a hard time sleeping tonight, as my hubby is away. I'm not weeping, but rather hearing every noise.....I'm looking forward to that joy in the morning, hoping that I don't see it coming firsthand instead of getting some needed sleep.

I am slightly more than halfway reading Aunt Jane's Hero. What a treasure. I am enjoying it so much.

God bless you,

Maxine said...

Hello Keri mae and thanks for your visit. I pray that the Lord eventually gave you rest last night. I had a few similar nights a couple of weeks ago and didn't know the reason why. (My husband was right there--snoring!)
Somehow, everything is better when the sun comes up, isn't it?
That's the way it will be when we someday behold the Son of Righteousness.